Moscow ID-Forum is an only specialized event of Auto-ID and mobility technologies in Russia.

Moscow ID-Forum gathers Russian and international Auto-ID hardware manufactureres and software developers at one place and presents modern trends to this technologies use for supply chain and business processes optimization.

Among ID-Forum speakers are the managers of Auto-ID projects, Auto-ID, data capture and mobility solutions developers from difrent countries.

The main objectives of the conference:

  • - Auto-ID and mobility technologies trends;
  • - Global initiatives and projects in Auto-ID and mobility technologies utilization;
  • - The best up-to-day international and Russian practices of Auto-ID and mobility technologies use;
  • - Auto-ID and mobility technologies in Internet of Things (IoT).

Participation in ID-Forum is the great opportunity to present your new products and to tell about your expertise to the wide audience in Russia. It is the opportunity to discuss the latest technologies trends and to share the experience.


9 october, 2017
Auto-ID and enterprise mobility systems integrators are presenting their Auto-ID & Mobility projects in 2015-2018 for ID Expert Rating
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